Specialty Pet Supply Store

We carry a variety of pet products ranging from grain-free to all natural options. Whether you have rodents, bunnies, snakes, cats or dogs - we make it our mission to stock our shelves with the most affordable, highest quality pet products for you and your furry loved ones.

Our grain free foods are...

Pro pac
Jones Natural chews
Oxbow for your Bunnies, farrets and other pets. Mazuri rat block

Save $ and bag your own-
Wholesomes bulk biscuits
Sunflower seeds
Oyster shell
Aspen bedding

Agility course rental - $5.00/hr per pet to come play

We have taken the time, consideration, and conducted the research to provide you and your animal with a course that ranges in difficulty from beginner to intermediate. The course itself is inside our air conditioned building and is sectioned off to give you and your animal full usage of our facility.

You're always welcome to call ahead and see if anyone is on the course. Feel free to bring a trainer with you!


Freedom Canines - 512-648-1027

Michaela - 325-267-7797

Paws About Town: Canine Training and Obedience 210-394-9276

River dog academy - riverdogacademy@gmail.com

The Academic Hound - 512-999-1121