Curbside service only Tuesday through Saturday. Full service grooming drop-off 8-12, Nail and quick services 9-3. Hope to see you soon! 512-938-1113 / 512-364-9634 text

*Please note we will be closed from 11/26-11/30 for Thanksgiving and 12/24/20-1/4/21 for Christmas/New Year break. We hope you too take time for family and friends as life is too short not to share the joy of life's treasures. Much love to all!! The BG fur family

About Beyond Grooming

All of us at Beyond Grooming believe pets are pure & innocent and it is our responsibility to return their love & loyalty. It is always our top priority to provide your pet with a safe, loving environment so you can relax when you need to leave your baby! A huge thanks to everyone that has supported us through all of our changes, we could not have done it without you!!

Owner/Stylist- Michelle McWatters

The Beyond Grooming Fur Family

Michelle McWatters - Founder, Owner and lead groomer. Special needs pets are my forte.

As a child I always wanted to be a vet and was devastated once I learned the medical field was not for me. Luckily I was blessed at 16 to find a local groomer in Florida to take me in and show me one of the most rewarding careers an animal lover can have. Once they sold I opened my own mobile in 2004 and have built/remodeled 6 units since then. In 2009 I moved to Texas to join the amazing community here and opened Beyond Grooming in 2010. Over the years knew my body would not last forever so chose to grow and pass on my knowledge to our future generations. It has not been an easy task but as of 2020 I have finally managed to put together a permanent location and structure for one of the most beautiful grooming teams in the world!

Carlos Valdez - Manager and Reception

A Joyous Energy

After graduating College and running a fitness center he still had not found his calling so decided to give it a try. He fell right in and picked it up like second nature, even though he has had a life long battle with allergies, he refuses to let it stop him from heading up our team and welcoming our fur babies in each day. I absolutely love how he lives life to the fullest and spreads his joy while taking such pride in his work!

Anne Minowa

Super groomer and lead cat stylist

Anne started in 2014 to expand her grooming knowledge and quickly excelled in the art. She is very compassionate and always there to lend a hand, as well as health and environment conscious. She also helps at the Zookeeper in Austin, does bee removal and bee keeping but reptiles are definitely her passion. I love how she is always there for the team no matter what!

Chasidy Leach - Stylist

The dog whisperer

Moved here from a small town in Palestine, TX to be closer to her mom and dad. As a beginner groomer, I instantly added her to our team because I knew under her insecurity she was a natural. In just over a years time she had matured into a wonderful groomer with much confidence and the closest to my handling capabilities. I admire her connection with the animals, almost as if they become one.

Damian Englehart - Bather Prep

Young Pup

Started as a sophomore helping with close down, deep cleans and reception as he overcame his fear of public speaking. Now in college and prepping on the weekends. Over the years he has came a long way and a important member of our fur family. It's been such a pleasure to watch him mature into a brilliant young man!

Jacob Rose - Lead Bathing Prep

A Natural Giver

Native San Marcos resident unsure what to do after he graduated high school he came by and fell right in having the natural ability to work with animals. Teaching and homeopathy is his passion. As a key member and one of our dog whisperers, we are bessed to have him on our team and look forward to growing together for many years to come!

Laurence McLean - Stylist

Large breeds are his specialty

Throughout his life he has always been closer to dogs and relates with them better than people. After graduation he still wasn't sure what he wanted to do so went to cosmetology school. After 6 Years in the salon and unhappy with the gossipy atmosphere he stopped by and found the career of his dreams. He is definitely a natural, takes much pride in his work and a key member in keeping our team strong!

Nicholas Rowell - Bathing Prep

A Pure Soul

So pure the dogs work with him! He is on the path to serving in the medical field and has a great desire to go North. He loves our family atmosphere and flexibility. Even though grooming is not his calling he has critiqued his skills to that of a professional and it is a great pleasure have him in our fur family!

Rachel Davis - Stylist

Our Intern

Relocated to LaVernia but after looking into the groom shops in the area she decided it was worth the hour drive to continue critiquing her skills with us due to our positive, welcoming nature. She has come a long way in a short time and by the end of the year her salon will be ready but until then we are glad to have her on our team. I especially love her positive, understanding nature!

Rhonda Hussman - Dog Barber

One of my mentors

With her deteriorating health she needed something with a lot of flexibility, as a former young groomer she brought many new ideas. I'm so grateful I had the ability to lend a hand and find such a brilliant woman that has helped me grow in so many ways!

Tabitha Whatley - Moose -

A natural artist with a mellow, understanding demeanor. Her style is closest to mine.

A former delivery driver not sure what direction to go. She ran the front desk for a couple years and started grooming periodically. After a year she is finishing beautiful styles without assistance that most groomers would stear clear of. She has a natural way to relax very timid pets but cats are definitely the center of her heart!