San Marcos Dog & Cat Grooming

We cater to all pets; dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, ferrets and guinea pigs too. Size and temperament is not an issue for our professionals! If your pet has a special need please let us know so we can work with them usually after a few sessions your pet will feel more comfortable and relaxed during their grooming experience. We always look forward to giving your pet the best possible experience!

Hair Cuts

Unless you're going to the show ring there is no specific clip for any breed. We can give one pet many different styles, check out the gallery page, Facebook, Yelp, Google and Instagram for some ideas & always feel free to bring pictures or create your own style! When you & your pet arrive, we will discuss the proper grooming needs for you & your pet. The main concern when having your pet clipped is the coat type, there are 2 categories.

  • HAIR-BEARING (Poodles, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Spaniels, Lhasa Apso, Terriers, Cats) can be shaved.
  • FUR-BEARING (Collies, Huskies, Pomeranians, Chows, Retrievers) should not be shaved unless necessary. When a fur bearing dog is shaved you risk damaging the coat known as "Coat Funk".

"Coat Funk" refers to a myriad of diseases such as The Black Skin Disease, Alopecia X, Sebaceous Adenitis, Post Shaving Alopecia, etc. The cause is unknown to medical researchers & not all fur bearers get "Coat Funk", it really depends on the individual pet. In my experiences there is a 50-50 chance, 75% for huskies. It's a higher risk the shorter and more often you shave. So once you are informed we leave the discussion to you. In some cases such as severe matting, shaving is the best option for your pet.

We need a valid copy of your pets rabies certificate and offer 5 different grooming services to suit most everyone's needs.

Bath Only: Pre-Wash, Shampoo, Blow out, Towel Dry

Bath Special: Ears, Nails, Anal glands, Pre-Wash, Shampoo, Blow-out Towel Dry

Full-Service Bath: Ears, Nails, Tarter Spray, Pre-Wash, Shampoo, Blow out, Towel, Condition, Fluff-Dry, Brush-out, De-Shed

Cut Only: Full Body Haircut (Your cut is only as good as your prep so bring them clean, dry and flea free!)

Full-Service Haircut: Full-Service bath with full body haircut.

Shampoos available

Pre-Wash - Removes the first layer of grime, helps degrease and get the coat fully wet to the skin

Hypoallergenic - Aloe based, no dyes or soaps

Royal Chrysanthemum - Herbal deodorizing formula

High Yield - Brightening shampoo

Furminator - De-shedding shampoo

Oatmeal - Sooths and moisturizes dry, itchy skin

Sooth - Medicated with 3% clorhexidine combats antimicrobial activity, fungi, viruses & most bacteria

Neem - A pesticide-free alternative to remove fleas & sooth the skin

Skunk Off/SOS - De-skunking

Vita Silk - Deep condition


Quick trims include nail trims, nail buffing, toothbrushing, anal gland expression & sanitary trims.

Proper nails should be off the ground when your dog stands square, nails that curl or bend can cause foot & joint deformities. Nail buffing smooth's the edges after clipping.

Maintaining the teeth can prevent costly dental care & internal disease such as kidney failure. A tooth brushing is more detailed than just the tarter spray. Using a special brush & toothpaste designed for our furry friends we carefully scrub the teeth & circulate gums.

Anal glands are two sacs on each side of the rectum that holds their identity fluid which secrets with a bowel movement. Sometimes they can overfill. Excessive fluid not being properly released can lead to leakage, impaction, infection or even burst but it's a catch 22 because the more you remove the more the body will reproduce so there is a happy medium. We offer an external expression when needed.